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These are no ordinary, cookie cutter facials.  Each professional treatment begins with an evaluation of your skin's unique needs.  We use a natural system which features professional formulas with lab-strength ingredients.  They're the most targeted treatments your skin will ever receive.

Each skincare service can be customized with one of the following aromatherapy scents:

Bulgarian Rose-relaxing and nourishing
East Indian Sandalwood-regulate sebum and prevent breakouts
Wild French Lavender-help purify and comfort the skin                                                                                                                                                  

Benefits: Helps to reduce the appearance of acne scars, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation.  You know, those pesky sun and age spots. Promotes the production of collagen and new, healthy cells.  Unclogs pores allowing for deeper product penetration.

Recommendations: If you are new to micro, we suggest starting with the Fast Results Micro Facial. Baby steps! If you are a seasoned pro with micro or have just received one or two treatments before, try the Signature or Advanced treatments.  Multiple treatments are recommended for optimum results. We suggest 4-5 weeks for routine maintenance along with your normal skincare services
NOT RECOMMENDED for those who have diabetes, cold sores, eczema, rosacea, or inflamed acne.  Also not for our pregnant friends or those who are currently taking accutane. If you have any questions prior to receiving micro, please consult with your doctor.

NEW! Fast Results Micro Facial
An intro to micro, a quick micro fix, or an add-on treatment.
Includes: Cleanse, exfoliate, micro, soothing mask, moisturize, and protect. 
•treatment time: 30 minutes

NEW! Signature Micro Facial
Customized for your skincare concerns and goal by adding a power mask and massage.  
Includes: Cleanse, exfoliate, tone, micro, soothing mask, citrus oil massage, power mask, moisturize, and protect. 

•treatment time: 60 minutes


Series of 4

SAVE $100
NEW! Advanced Micro Facial
The ultimate micro experience with a resurfacing peel.
Includes: Cleanse, exfoliate, tone, micro, surface peel, soothing mask, citrus oil massage, power mask, moisturize, and protect. 

•treatment time: 75 minutes

 Series of 4
SAVE $100
Other Skincare Services  
Beach Bright Facial 
Keep you bright for the sunny months. 
Includes: Cleanse, exfoliate, citrus boost, moisturize.

•treatment time: 30 minutes

Preventative Care Facial
Safeguard your skin from wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and under-eye circles with our Flaxx-C firming mask.
Includes: Cleanse, exfoliate, firming mask, power treatment, moisturize.

•treatment time: 30 minutes

Fast Results Facial
A mini custom facial, a quick and easy way to start fresh.
Includes: Cleanse, exfoliate, mini facial massage, moisturize.

•treatment time: 30 minutes 

Signature Custom Facial
A personalized facial designed for your particular needs.  
Includes: Cleanse, exfoliate, soothing massage, power treatment, mask, moisturize.

•treatment time: 60 minutes

*Receive a complimentary add-on service with each facial and 10% off all take-home care.

 Series of 4
Save over $60

4-Phase Peel Series
Four customized services designed to prep and perform our gentle Lactis Plus Peel. 
   •each treatment: 30 minutes

Skincare Upgrades and Add-ons
  (The following require additional time.)
Facial Massage
Additional 15 minute massage time.

Removal of comedones, blackheads, and possible milia.

Mini Eye Lift
Uplifting Massage, mask, and treatment.

Flaxx-C Firming
Anti-aging to tighten and smooth. 

*Not recommended for those with a dairy allergy.

NEW! Microdermabrasion 
Deep penetration and exfoliation with diamond-head wand.
(Can receive every 7-10 days.)

NEW! V-neck Firming Mask
Firm and tighten neck and declote instantly.


Skincare Upgrades and Add-ons
                                                (No additional time is required)

NEW! Galvanic Therapy
Promotes deeper product penetration.

NEW! Ultrasonic Therapy
Stimulating massage to promote cell renewal.

High Frequency Therapy
Kills acne-causing bacteria at the root of the breakout.


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